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Paca Geotechnical Engineering Ltd

Structural Calculation and Geotechnical consulting

Experienced Specialist in Paca Geotechnical Engineering Ltd

Through my company: Paca Geotechnical Engineering Ltd, I provide an array of services, which are covered with a suitable Professional Insurance. They include:

  • Structural calculations of new buildings in reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, and timber frame
  • Structural calculation of houses extension, basements and lofts conversion
  • Seismic calculation
  • Basement Impact assessment and Ground movement assessment reports
  • Calculations of Piled , raft and shallow foundation
  • Settlement / ground movement analysis / allowable bearing capacity
  • Foundations underpinning
  • Retaining walls in contiguous piles
  • Temporary works design,working platform and Pile mat
  • Slopes stability analysis
  • Embankments and earthworks design
  • Ground improvement
  • Ground reinforcement using ground anchors and nails
  • Hydraulic failure

To achieve the finest results, I work with architects, civil engineering firms, construction company, and both commercial and residential developers during all stages of the project. To request a free quote, please send an email to paolopitasi07@gmail.com.


Contact me to receive structural and geotechnical engineering services from an experienced Chartered engineer.